2010 PCA Strategic Plan

I wish I had time to do a full and running critique of this sad and misguided proposal. The 2010 PCA Strategic Plan has been two years in the making and it shows. There is an abundance of detailed and wrong-headed thinking on display here. The distillation of what the GA will be asked to adopt is found here. I’m tempted to call it unprincipled and pragmatic, but it’s not really unprincipled. It’s simply not guided by principles that can be called Reformed and Biblical in any recognisable way.

Thankfully, several men have been interacting with this radical programme for further reshaping of the PCA. These men have offered some poignant comments and suggestions. Among those are some remarkable things coming from Northwest Georgia Presbytery!

Dr R. Scott Clark has a run-down of these in an entry on his Heidelblog, but the most remarkable, I think, is the ‘17 Points for PCA Renewal’ proposed by the Rev. Dr Jon D. Payne of Grace Presbyterian Church in Douglasville, GA (about 20 miles west of downtown Atlanta). (By the way, check out that Church’s web site! I did not know that there were other PCA church’s like Brainerd Hills PCA, especially not in the Southeast. I would differ earnestly with them on their uninspired worship song and the musical accompaniment, but it clearly and otherwise holds forth a model of Reformed worship.)

You should check out Dr Payne’s prefatory thoughts, too, on the page where they were originally published, but here for your edification I feel compelled to include Dr Payne’s 17 Points.

  1. A renewed commitment to exegetical, God-centered, Christ-exalting, Holy Spirit-filled, lectio-continua preaching.
  2. A renewed commitment to the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper for the spiritual nourishment, health and comfort of the elect.
  3. A renewed commitment to private, family and corporate prayer.
  4. A renewed commitment to – and delight in – the Lord’s Day.
  5. A renewed commitment to worship God according to Scripture.
  6. A renewed commitment to sing the Psalms in private, family, and public worship.
  7. A renewed commitment to wed our missiology to our Reformed ecclesiology.
  8. A renewed commitment to Spirit-dependent, prayerful, loving, courageous evangelism.
  9. A renewed commitment to biblical church discipline.
  10. A renewed commitment to family worship.
  11. A renewed commitment to biblical hospitality.
  12. A renewed commitment to catechize our covenant children.
  13. A renewed commitment to biblical masculinity and femininity.
  14. A renewed commitment to shepherd the flock of God.
  15. A renewed commitment to promote and defend the Reformed Confession.
  16. A renewed commitment to the mortification of sin and worldliness.
  17. A renewed commitment to rest by faith in Christ ALONE for salvation, without minimizing Gospel obedience.