Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

VictoryStormKingImperialStout.jpg This Imperial Stout is unusual in that it has been hopped more heavily than is typical for this style, but the brewers have maintained this addition with a great degree of balance that gives added complexity without detracting from the traditional elements of the style.

This delicious Imperial Stout pours up a rich amber black with a full frothy head that remains and moderately laces the glass. The nose presents full coffee, molasses, and cocoa aromas, with a distinct and enjoyable tart hoppy fruit overlay and quiet alcohol background.

The taste continues this balanced interplay of the Imperial Stout style with the clear hop notes that makes this beverage very distinctive. It begins with a caramel malty sweetness that is quickly overtaken by powerful roasted coffee and and bitter chocolate flavours. The hoppiness is present throughout without ever distracting or overwhelming. This hop flavour becomes more pronounced just prior to the complex dry finish.

This somewhat smooth, medium to full bodied Imperial Stout has a deliciously complex aftertaste that lingers long. It is well-crafted and manages to offer both balance and complexity without that becoming a distraction from its enjoyment.