Was C.S. Lewis an Anglo-Catholic?

Pastor Wes White has posted an enlightening article by Pastor Brian Carpenter on the general landscape of C.S. Lewis’ theological thinking.

… [I]t is somewhat surprising that Lewis has been received so widely among Evangelical Protestants, for Lewis’ views, especially the views he expressed towards the end of his life, were remarkably congruent with Anglo-Catholicism.

LewisWhat is even more surprising is how many Protestant Evangelicals are unaware of that fact. Mere Christianity, it is true, was written to be “non-partisan” on matters which divided Protestantism from Rome, but that is the only place where he intentionally withheld his own views. In every other place where he thought it relevant, he had no qualms about articulating them.

It is true that he perhaps said some things from time to time which might allude to Protestant views, but it is equally clear that he had rejected Protestantism at least as consistently as he rejected theological liberalism. Though I obviously think there is benefit to be had in reading Lewis, I think the reader must be discerning. For there is little doubt where his sympathies lay on a great many crucial issues, and those positions are not very congenial to historic Protestant views.

The article briefly but helpfully outlines the broader context of Lewis’ religious thinking. Knowing that theological “lay of the land” can help us read Lewis with greater discernment and proper benefit.