According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, a pilgrim is one who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons, an eloquent metaphor of the Christian life. But we pilgrims are called to diligent service during our journey, the service of a steward. A steward manages another’s property — again, an apt metaphor for our calling as Christians in this life.

I am a pilgrim steward; a husband, a father of 7, Reformed Presbyterian, Ruling Elder, Southron, Network Manager, techie, reader, thinker, and more.

In this blog I intend to cover topics of interest to me such as Reformed theology, piety and practice, Christian living and family life, technology and science, food and drink, and maybe even some political and social commentary. I plan to post about matters I find intriguing, content I find engaging, and generally interesting stuff.

I hope you find something enjoyable here!

Vaughn R. Hamilton