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These are my links for 31 January 2012 through 1 February 2012:


One Lord, One Plan, One People

*A Journey Through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation*

This is a new release from Banner of Truth. Here’s the info from the Banner of Truth web site.

BOT Book

> * Price: $ 18.00
> * ISBN#: 9781848711372
> * Binding: Paperback
> * Page Count : 467

> *Description:* New to the Bible? One Lord, One Plan, One People will help you uncover what the Bible is all about as it takes you on a journey from Genesis to Revelation, pointing out the main features of each book.
Want to know how the Bible fits together? One Lord, One Plan, One People will show you how the Bible is not a collection of random stories, but that all its sixty-six books focus on Jesus, the one Lord who is the terminal point of God’s promises. It is the story of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension, reign, and return which is the Bible’s big theme. As you view the Bible through that lens, you will grasp how its individual parts interlock.

> Twitchy about venturing into the Old Testament because you are unsure what its function is? One Lord, One Plan, One People will get you out of your “New-Testament only comfort zone” and into the Old Testament. You will discover how both parts of the Bible operate in tandem, with the New Testament shedding light on the Old, and the Old Testament providing the framework for understanding the New.

> *About The Author:* Born in Nigeria of missionary parents and converted in his late teens, Rodger Crooks is minister of Belvoir Presbyterian Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is married to Joan, and they have three grown-up children. In his down time he enjoys strong black coffee, reading history, and supporting Manchester United and the Irish rugby and cricket teams.

> *From The Preface:* In the feedback from my congregation on these sixty-seven sermons (that formed the foundation for this book), many admitted that they had seen for the first time how important the Old Testament was in preparing the ground for the coming of Jesus into our world. Before that, apart from a few quick excursions in the book of Psalms, they had stuck pretty much to reading the New Testament. If this is you, then this book is designed to help you see that the Bible actually begins with Genesis and not Matthew…. As you read this book, you will make the discovery that many have made, that not only do we need the New Testament to make sense of the Old, but we also need the Old Testament to provide the framework for the New. For there is only one plan of salvation that runs through both the Testaments of the Bible, as God calls out one people to belong to him and to live under the rule of one Lord.


The Select Practical Writings of John Knox

This looks good! From Banner of Truth Bookstore…


  • Book Title: Select Practical Writings of John Knox
  • Author : John Knox
  • Price: $26.00$20.80
  • ISBN#: 9781848711020
  • Binding: Clothbound
  • Page Count : 336
  • Description: Now available in the U.S. and Canada; available soon elsewhere in the world.

This is a rare and precious book!

Edited by Thomas Thomson, it contains the choicest practical writings of a man whom God used to transform his native country and bring it into the light and under the blessing of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that in spite of constant opposition and grave personal danger.

There is a 20% discount on web orders which reduces the price to $20.80.


Book Review: Grounded in the Gospel

51tHYdcc72L._SL160_.jpgDr R. Scott Clark at the Heidelblog links to a book review on the Valiant for Truth blog of Westminster Seminary California regarding Grounded in the Gospel: Building Believers the Old-Fashioned Way by Packer & Parrett.

Building upon the work of D. A. Carson, George Barna, and other analysts of Evangelical culture, Packer and Parrett survey the landscape providing a helpful analysis of where American Christianity is and why. They discuss the obstacles to the practice of catechesis, the foundations necessary for catechetical instruction to thrive, the building of believers, and the goals of such methods of instructing and nurturing. As committed Evangelicals Packer and Parrett believe it is their duty to outline the biblical data that was drawn upon by the early Church, the Reformation, and the Puritans which provided the basis for such nurture and exposition of the faith.

In laying out some of the very basic elements of this unfamiliar practice, Packer and Parrett hope to show that there is nothing to fear from this ancient and historic Christian method of instruction and how it is needed today. They argue for its acceptance and propagation because it is a “thoroughly biblical idea and practice,” it has “proven to be essential and effective at numerous critical junctures in the life of the church,” it is both “ancient and essential,” it is holistic, and it involves “instruction that is foundational for faith development throughout one’s life” (29-30). These scholars argue for nothing less than a renewal and recommitment on the part of Christians to catechize young and old in the basics of the faith, in spite of the many things that seek to grab the church’s attention.

Read the rest of the review at the Valiant for Truth blog.


Heroes of the Faith Series by Sinclair Ferguson

heroes.jpgNew from Banner of Truth, Heroes of Faith series.

Initial Series Set including: Ignatius, Irenaeus, and Polycarp

  • Author : Sinclair B. Ferguson
  • Price: $ 38.00
  • ISBN#: 978184871HEROES
  • Binding: Hardback

Many of our children enjoy having heroes, but they are living in a world that encourages them instead to have ‘idols’. Sometimes, perhaps, the difference is simply a choice of words. But today it is usually more. For the ‘idols’ our children are encouraged to have – whether by media coverage or peer pressure – are to be ‘adored’ not because of their character, but because of their image.

By contrast a ‘hero’ is someone who is much more than a ‘personality’ about whom we may know little or nothing. A hero is someone who has shown moral fibre, who has overcome difficulties and opposition, who has been tested and has stood firm.

This series is about such people – heroes of the Christian faith – whose lives remind us of the words of Hebrews 13:7: ‘Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith.’

There are different kinds of heroes. The books in this series reflect the fact that some become heroes by being willing to die for Christ; others because of how they served the church of Christ; yet others because of what they taught about Christ; and others because of where they were prepared to go for Christ.

Heroes Of The Faith is also intended to provide a kind of church family album – pictures of those who have been members of the family of God. Many of us who are parents wish we could teach our children more about the story of the church, to help them see the privilege of belonging to a spiritual family that stretches back over the centuries and extends to the ends of the earth. This series aims to cover the centuries-long story of the church and to introduce children to heroes of the faith in every period of history.

None of these heroes was perfect – they all recognised their need of the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. None of them claimed perffect understanding or perfect obedience. But each of them aimed to love the Lord with heart and mind and soul and strength. In that sense they were true heroes.

Many of these heroes were ministers and preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But they were not heroes simply because they were ministers. The word ‘minister’ means ‘servant’. They were people who became leaders in the church; they became heroes because they were servants both of the Lord Jesus and of his people.

I count it a privilege to have the opportunity of introducing your family, and especially your children, to many of the Heroes Of The Faith. May they become heroes too!

—Sinclair B. Ferguson


Beautiful Edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress

The Banner of Truth Trust has republished a beautiful edition of The Pilgrim’s Progress. Reformation Heritage Books has this edition at a discounted price.


Many editions of Pilgrim’s Progress were considered before the publishers decided to re-issue the now rare edition put out by John C. Nimmo in 1895. This edition comes as near as possible to the ideal, containing both Parts 1 and 2, along with the marginal notes and Scripture references, together with fine etchings by William Strang. It is not a luxury to possess a de luxe edition of a work which, though we may not, like Spurgeon, read it a hundred times, ought to be the companion of a lifetime.

This deluxe edition of Bunyan’s great work comes as near as possible to the ‘ideal’- with the original marginal notes and references from Scripture, both parts of the Progress, and a series of magnificent and evocative etchings by William Strang. Although John Bunyan’s Pilgrim emerged in Puritan dress from the Town Prison on Bedford Bridge in 1676, he has remained to this day, in more than 120 languages, an influence which is almost as wide as Christianity itself. Many explanations are offered for the book’s enduring appeal – the masterly allegory which can charm both child and adult; the great humanness of the characters who, after a few rapid strokes, appear in flesh and blood likeness; the plain, vivid English – and yet all these things are secondary. Above all, Pilgrim’s Progress is a life story. It depicts the life which Bunyan himself lived and, at the same time, the life with which all Christians can substantially identify themselves. For, as Augustus M. Toplady wrote, the book describes ‘every stage of a Christian’s experience, from conversion to glorification.’ It does so with such abiding relevance because Bunyan’s world of thought is that of the Bible itself.