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The Presbyterian Clerical Collar

JamesHenleyThornwellI have more than once heard a harsh word by fellow Reformed Presbyterians against the Presbyterian clerical collar. The charge is typically made that this attire is Romish and contrary to the Regulative Principle of Worship. On the former charge, it turns out that the clerical collar is of an entirely Presbyterian origin. A Presbyterian minister on facebook thoughtfully shared [a very enlightening article]( which dispels a good deal of the misinformation regarding the history of the clerical collar.

On the latter charge, if this attire were laden with worship significance, then it would be contrary to the RPW since no such attire is commanded particularly for worship. But again, such is not the case. Rather, the collar was historically worn as the ordinary attire appropriate for those holding the *public office* of the Ministry of the Word. As such, it is simply a *public uniform* relating to the public station of the one wearing it. It has no particular significance in relation to worship, *per se*. Its significance is generic in relation to the public office of the Minister in any public context.


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