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The Rosetta Stone

Rosetta_Stone.JPGToday’s featured article on Wikipedia is The Rosetta Stone.

“The Rosetta Stone is a fragment of an Ancient Egyptian granodiorite stele whose engraved text provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs. The inscription records a decree that was issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V. The decree appears in three texts: the upper one is in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle one in Egyptian demotic script, and the lower text in ancient Greek.”

This fascinated me when I was a child. What a remarkable find! Read the rest of the story at Wikipedia.


Today in 1947 — the ENIAC computer


1947 – ENIAC (pictured), the world’s first general-purpose electronic digital computer, was turned on in its new home at the Ballistic Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, remaining in continuous operation until October 2, 1955.

The ENIAC’s design and construction were financed by the United States Army during World War II. The construction contract was signed on June 5, 1943, and work on the computer was begun in secret by the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Electrical Engineering starting the following month under the code name “Project PX”.


Today in 1946

From [Wikipedia]( ‘1946 — A bomb [destroyed]( the headquarters of the British Mandate of Palestine at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing about 90 people and injuring 45 others.’

This was a terrorist attack against the British and Palestinian government agencies located in the building. The surprising thing to realise for us ‘history challenged’ Americans is that this terrorist bombing was carried out by an underground Jewish paramilitary organisation called the [Irgun]( which advocated [‘Revisionist Zionism’]( prior to the establishment of the modern Israeli state.