Project Management Software

I’m checking out project management software. Here are some interesting options.


  • OpenProj is a free and open source Microsoft Project clone, but it seems a little out of date. This appears to be a Java based application.

RationalPlan Multi Project


  • RationalPlan Multi Project offers some impressive multi-user options with a server component. This is a Java based application.



  • OmniPlan is a relatively new product from Omni and doesn’t have as many advanced features. This is a native Mac OS X application.

Today in 1947 — the ENIAC computer


1947 – ENIAC (pictured), the world’s first general-purpose electronic digital computer, was turned on in its new home at the Ballistic Research Laboratory at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, remaining in continuous operation until October 2, 1955.

The ENIAC’s design and construction were financed by the United States Army during World War II. The construction contract was signed on June 5, 1943, and work on the computer was begun in secret by the University of Pennsylvania’s Moore School of Electrical Engineering starting the following month under the code name “Project PX”.